Zuzanna Rucinska

is an Early Stage Marie Curie Research Fellow with the Hertfordshire Node of the TESIS Network. She is currently working at the University of Hertfordshire under direct supervision of Prof Daniel D. Hutto on Project 2 (Non-Representational Theory of Pretence in Social Cognition)

With an MA in Philosophy of Psychology and an MSc in Occupational Health Psychology she is currently working on the aspect of pretence and non-representationalism in early, pre-linguistic forms of social cognition, focusing on how socio-cultural practices and shared intentionality might influence imaginative play, and consequently, acquisition of higher-order mind-reading capabilities.

Her topics of interest include:

– Theories of Embodied/Enacted Cognition in Philosophy of Mind

– Developmental and Evolutionary Psychology

– Narrative Practice Hypothesis

– Development of Cognition in Autistic Children, Hominids and Apes

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