Nicole Rossmanith

is an Early Stage Marie Curie Fellow with the Portsmouth node of the TESIS network. Starting out with studies in Linguistics and German, she turned to designing her own individual course of studies ”Mind, Brain, and Behaviour“ which she pursued in Vienna and Tübingen. She was a co-developer of the Middle European interdisciplinary Cognitive Science Program (MEi:CogSci) in Vienna (EU Socrates), where she also teaches sometimes. Her research interests include:

  • spaces of meaning: different ways we generate and experience meaning through different ways of  relating to and engaging with the world (whether with objects, with each other, or ourselves)
  • how infants grow in and into culture, especially the development of triadic infant-object-caregiver interactions
  • categorization, concept formation and symbol use as specific coordination activities
  • how is “psyche”/”the mind” turned into an object of scientific investigation, and what are the consequences of different ways of approaching mind, brain, and behavior for encountering living beings in our everyday life?
  • history and philosophical foundations of cognitive science, psychology and biology, especially the work of Karl Bühler
  • practical applications: learning in formal and informal contexts, hands-on learning, experiential learning