Glenda Satne

Glenda is an Experienced Marie Curie Research Fellow at the Copenhagen node.

Her areas of specialization are philosophy of mind, philosophy of language and she focuses in particular on social accounts of cognition and intention.

Glenda completed her PhD in Philosophy with the dissertation “Meaning and the Second Person. Towards an Account of the Normativity of Linguistic Practices”. There she proposes some constraints for any account of normativity and then examines some well-consolidated accounts of normativity to show they fail to accommodate such constrains. The reason why they fail is the adoption of a first-personal/third-personal model as a way of approaching the problem at stake. Glenda then claims that adopting a second-personal oriented model can contribute to develop a consistent account of semantic normativity and delineates the main lines of such model.

Her current research topics include second-personal models in the philosophy of mind and philosophy of action; social cognition; disjunctivism; enactivism; social accounts of intention.

Contact Information:

Glenda Satne
Center for Subjectivity Research
Department of Media, Cognition and Communication
Njalsgade 140-142, 5th floor
2300 Copenhagen S
Office: KUA, 25.5.20
Phone: +45 353-28683