Elena Clare Cuffari

Elena is an Experienced Marie Curie Research Fellow at the San Sebastian node, working with Ezequiel Di Paolo, Hanne de Jaegher, and Miriam Kyselo.

Specializations, competences and interests:

  • Philosophy of Language
  • Embodied/Enactive Cognition
  • Gesture Studies, particularly spontaneous co-speech hand gestures
  • Cognitive Linguistics
  • 20th Century Continental Thought
  • Feminist Philosophy

Current research topics include: criteria that establishes a co-speech gesture as metaphoric; speech-accompanying hand gestures as acts of participatory sense-making; developing what the enactive paradigm has to say about communication and interactions that are symbolically mediated.

Elena completed her PhD in philosophy in 2011 with the dissertation “Co-speech Gesture in Communication and Cognition.” This work stages a mutually constraining, reciprocal critique between philosophy of language, phenomenology of language, linguistic pragmatism, current gesture scholarship, and enactive cognitive science. The upshot is a body-inclusive understanding of linguistic communication as an activity that is world-embedded, intersubjectively normative, dynamic, multimodal, and that enacts appropriative disclosures. (Manuscript in progress; bumper stickers coming soon.)