Christoph Durt


is an Experienced Researcher at the Heidelberg Node of the TESIS Network. He has a Magister degree in Philosophy, Psychology and Intercultural Communication from the University of Munich, and a PhD in Philosophy from the University of California in Santa Cruz. In his dissertation, he investigated the roots of contemporary accounts of colors in the early modern concept of the mathematized universe and Edmund Husserl’s genealogy of the “mathematization of nature”.

His current research interests include:

–     phenomenology
–     embodiment and intersubjectivity in their cultural and historical context
–     the philosophical foundations of psychology
–     psychological concepts in philosophy (consciousness, experience, ideas, etc.) and their role for the philosophical concept of nature

Contact information:

Christoph Durt
Klinik für Allgemeine Psychiatrie
Zentrum für Psychosoziale Medizin
University of Heidelberg
Voss Str. 4
69115 Heidelberg

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