Alba Montes Sanchez

is Early Stage Researcher at the Copenhagen Node.

photo alba

She has an MA in Humanities (Philosophy Section) from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Her PhD dissertation project focuses on shame, an emotion that plays a very prominent role in self-individuation and intersubjectivity, and that has often been labeled as a social, a self-conscious or a moral emotion. In her study, she explores the interconnections between the social, self-conscious and moral aspects of shame, driven by the intuition that, if some forms of shame have an ethical role, it is due to the special articulation of social and self-conscious aspects that constitute them. The background assumption is that understanding how relational emotions such as shame work is of the utmost importance for a study of intersubjectivity.

Main research interests:  Shame, Emotion (especially self-conscious and moral emotions), Phenomenology, Ethics and Emotion, Selfhood, Intersubjectivity

Contact information

Alba Montes Sánchez
Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher
Center for Subjectivity Research – University of Copenhagen
Njalsgade 140-142, Building 25, 5th floor
2300 Copenhagen S

Office: KUA1, 25.5.31
Phone: +45 353-28689



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