Forthcoming Meetings:


Past Meetings:

15-17 Oct 2014  –  Heidelberg: 2nd International Conference Enacting Culture: Embodiment, Interaction and the Development of Human Culture.

1 – 3 May 2014 – San Sebastián: Workshop on Interacting Complexity.

From May 1st – 3rd, 2014, in the Casa de la Paz y los Derechos Humanos, the San Sebastian node of TESIS, in collaboration with the Globernance Institute, and the IAS-Centre for Life, Mind, and Society at the Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science, University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), will be hosting an interdisciplinary workshop “Interacting Complexity: Cognition and Communication in Conflict Transformation.”

21-27 June 2014  –  Portsmouth: Summer School Meeting Minds. Ways of Engaging and Making Sense.

10-11 July 2014  –  Hertfordshire: Conference Instituting Minds.

13-15 Mar 2014  –  Copenhagen: Workshop Phenomenology of Intersubjectivity.

11-14 Sep 2013  –  Parma: Summer School Neuroscience.

6-7 Jun 2013  –  Munich: Workshop Psychotherapy and Psychopathology: An Interpersonal Approach

10-11 Nov 2011  –  Heidelberg:  Introductory Workshop.

20-21 April 2012  –  Heidelberg: Bodily therapy manual training in Heidelberg with Frank Röhricht and Nina Papadopoulos.
This training is meant to qualify dance movement therapists and assistants working with schizophrenia patients and patients of the autism spectrum. Preliminary studies suggest that dance and movement therapy enhances the emotional, social, cognitive and physical integration of the individual, reduces negative symptoms in schizophrenia patients and enhances self-perception, social skills and well-being in autism.

14-18 May 2012  –  San Sebastián: Summer School Embodying Intersubjectivity Research.

13-15 Sep 2012  –  Aarhus: Workshop Experimental Approaches to Embodiment and Intersubjectivity.

1-3 Oct 2012 – Heidelberg: Conference (Herbstakademie/fall academy)
The implications of Embodiment: Enactive – Clinical – Social.

7-8 Feb 2013 – Copenhagen: 1st International TESIS Conference.
Enactive and Phenomenological Approaches to Intersubjectivity

19-20 Feb 2013 – Heidelberg: Midterm Review and Fellows’ Day.